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Even at 47, Anderson Silva still has blistering hand speed.

The former longtime UFC middleweight champion continued his latter career resurgence in the boxing ring over the weekend with an exhibition match against another MMA fighter, Bruno Machado, with ‘The Spider’ scoring a stunning knockdown during the bout after landing a flurry of punches up against the ropes in the United Arab Emirates.

The fight went the distance after eight two-minute rounds of action and due to it being an exhibition, no winner was declared — but it was clear to all observers that it was Silva who had the better of the contest.

β€œHe’s an amazing fighter,” Silva said of his opponent afterwards. β€œHe accepted the fight at the last minute. I’m so happy. He gives me the opportunity to move everything for you guys. Thank you for every single person who came today.”

Silva’s recent move to boxing has already produced some impressive results. Last year, he defeated former world champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in an officially sanctioned bout, as well as knocking another former UFC champ, Tito Ortiz, out cold last September.

His career record in the boxing ring stands at 3-1 (with the Machado fight not counting towards it).

Silva has pledged to take on more challenged in boxing — with Jake Paul taking time after Silva’s performance to position himself as a potential opponent.