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More than a few eyebrows were raised when Conor McGregor stepped into the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship last Saturday night in Denver, Colorado — but referencing his appearance in a social media post on Monday, McGregor left the door open to one day trying his hand at a brand new code of combat.

After doling out advice (apparently to both fighters) in the co-main event showdown between former McGregor opponent Eddie Alvarez and Chad Mendes, McGregor was invited into the ring by main event winner Mike Perry who scored a second-round TKO (retirement) win against former UFC champion Luke Rockhold.

And referencing the appearance in a lengthy post to Instagram on Monday, McGregor wrote that he’s not ruling out one day stepping into the squared circle in pursuit of a another world title.

“Call me ‘slicey’ bare paw,” McGregor wrote. “Styles make fights. As well as rulesets. As well as everything. If you are scared go to church. I was called into the bare knuckle ring last night. I fear nothing. No man that breathes air. I only fear God and abide by God and if God guides me to a professional bare knuckle fight in my time for my new world title, I do.

“Great night last night,” he added. “It’s real interesting out there for sure. Congrats to the fighters. Two of my old foes competed in a barn buster and a guy who ‘Cowboy’ submitted in a round [Perry] is now the man in this sport beating a former middle weight world champion. Incredible. Think about that for a second. Understand that as fans what fighting is. Take note of it.

“What fighting is, is a new day every day. Every fight with every person on every given day. Is different. It’s why I love it so much. It’s why I respect it so much. Fighting is different. End of. This fight took place in the 185lb division. I’ve not fought at that weight before but I can get there nicely as a refrigerator freezer. For sure. Who knows but God and I trust God.”