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Darren Till likes Mike Perry. He thinks he’s a nice person and considers himself a fan. But if Mike Perry wants to fight Till in the street, that’s fine too.

Perry and Till have gone back and forth in public after Till’s summer of social media chaos made a target out of the welterweight, with the Liverpudlian repeatedly commenting on Perry’s posts, even making new accounts to do so. While Till consider the jibes to be part of the standard banter, it was clear Perry took some of the remarks to heart, exploding in interviews and claiming if he saw Till in the street he would be willing to clash then and there.

“You want to fucking play, and I’m not going to forget about it,” Perry said on the Mike Swick podcast. “If I could see this motherfucker in the street, I would do it for free. If we are ever in the same place, at the same time, I will go to fucking jail for beating the brakes off of him, if he wants to be a little pussy boy and press charges on me.”

As Till is known for saying: No problem.

“Come on son, get off it,” Till said, speaking to iFLTV. “Take the joke, mate, and take your head for a wobble. He ain’t gonna do fucking shit, and if you are fucking come and see me. No problem, mate, no problem. But get off all that shit. What, just because you’re a bit offended that I’m trolling you and trolling your new girlfriend. You don’t make it no easier for yourself, mate.

“I like Perry. I’m never not gonna like the guy no matter what he does. I fucking really like him, I’ve got a lot of respect for him and I hope he wins Saturday, but get off all this, ‘If I see you’. That ain’t the way to go with things, mate. There’s a few people who can go that way, you ain’t one of them, mate. You ain’t gonna do nothing. You can do something, it’s no problem, whichever you want to take it. I’m just trolling. I’m trolling journalists and everything at the moment. Nobody is safe from Darren Till’s Instagram and Twitter, mate.”

The two have an interesting history, taking part in one of mixed martial arts’ mythical sparring sessions in a random room of a hotel with barely any equipment. Perhaps from that experience, Till still considers himself a Perry supporter, even tweeting Perry earlier this week to tell him he wanted him to win this weekend.

“Perry, he’s a good guy. I’ve shared taxis with Perry. He’s a nice person,” Till said. “He’s a bit fucking mad — aren’t we all — he’s obviously got this new girl and he’s just giving me ammo. Just giving me lots of ammo. Maybe he does hate me right now, but I don’t give a fuck. I’m trolling and I’m building stuff. I’m building empires. You might think the trolling game’s nothing but I’m building fights and getting everyone interested.”