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In the wake of the epic event that was UFC 205, we’re left with a phenomenal performance by UFC featherweight (and now) lightweight champion Conor McGregor.

One thing that struck many observers was the Irishman’s incredibly calm and relaxed demeanour — a stark contrast to the increasingly jittery Alvarez. A big part of that serene attitude can be attributed to McGregor’s training. With John Kavanagh, Owen Roddy and Dillon Danis in his corner on Saturday, fans were treated to some world class coaching.

You can find below corner advice for McGregor transcribed below.

Round One

Owen Roddy: Be patient. Get him to throw, Conor. Get him to throw!

John Kavanagh: Patience, Conor…patience.

Roddy: Left hand, lead uppercut.

[Alvarez attempts a takedown, they clinch]

Kavanagh: Disengage!

Dillon Danis: Beautiful, Conor.

Kavanagh: Body as well.

Roddy: Left to the body. There you go. Beautiful!

[Alvarez is dropped]

Danis: Hips low, Conor.

Kavanagh: Watch that left leg, Conor. He’s coming up on a single leg, be ready to sprawl…Use your hips, Conor.

Danis: Control the leg to pass, Conor.

[Alvarez stands]

Kavanagh: Relax…relax.

Roddy: Left hook.

Danis: You are doing beautiful, Conor. Beautiful job.

Kavanagh: Teep!

Roddy: Jab, hook, hook. Jab, hook, hook.

Danis: He’s broken, Conor…He’s broken. Patience.

Roddy: Left straight is there.

Kavanagh: Left body kick!

Roddy: Left straight!

End of round 1

Kavanagh: Here you go. Bring the beats down. Ice please. Nice deep breath. How do you feel?

Conor McGregor: I feel good

Kavanagh: Great shots. Keep the left hand on the counter. Don’t lean in with the left hand – he’s looking to counter with the big right hand, yeah? So pop that jab. The teeps to the body are great. You’re cutting him off. If you feel he’s circling into the left high kick, that’s there too. Okay? So let’s keep that left hand for the counter. Very nice. Nice deep breaths. That’s a warm-up round.

John McCarthy: Great job, just make sure the fingers don’t go to his eyes but great job

Round 2

Danis: He’s biting on the feints. You’ve felt his shots already. They’re nothing!

[McGregor connects with a big left]

Roddy: Ohh!! Take your time.

Danis: Conor, he’s broken. Believe, Conor. Believe! You felt his best shots.

Roddy: Jab is there.

Danis: Stay calm, Conor.

Roddy: Jab is there as well.

Danis: He’s doing the same shot over and over.

[McGregor drops Alvarez, who stands and engages th clinch]

Kavanagh: Chin. That’s it, wrist or chin. Beautiful.

Danis: Beautiful, Conor. Elbows, Conor. Keep that wrist. Beautiful positioning. Keep pulling that over-hook, he can’t shoot with that.

Kavanagh: Very nice, Conor. Humble now. Great wrist control.

Danis: You’ve been there a million times, Conor. A million times. He’s broken, Conor. He’s broken.

[McGregor hits Alvarez with a four punch combination and John McCarthy stops the fight]

Kavanagh: YES! YES! YES! Two-time world champion.


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