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Well, he wasn’t going to just say nothing.

I get fined more than these bums get paid

After the decision to punish Conor McGregor with $150,000 and 50 hours of community service, the UFC featherweight champion went to Twitter to make a brief, but typical, statement.

McGregor’s fine is by far the largest to ever be received by a mixed martial artist, being triple that of the one issued to Jon Jones for brawling with Daniel Cormier in the lead up to UFC 178.

As of yet, Nate Diaz has not received a punishment for his role in the altercation, after the Stockton fighter’s team requested a continuance for the case.




  • Jose says:

    Did Conor really get KO’d in sparring session???

  • James Guilfoyle says:

    Christ! Thats just outright robbery. 150K for throwing water bottles, they didn’t even fight. Like Chael Sonnen said, where does the money even go? It should go to a charity or for some good. Where does that money go?

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