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It’s coming up on two years since Ben Askren and Jorge Masvidal (briefly) shared a cage with each other but the animosity between the pair is showing no sign of slowing. 

The latest salvo between the pair comes as Masvidal pledged his assistant to YouTuber Jake Paul ahead of his boxing match with Askren later this month, something which prompted Askren to open up another frontline in his feud with ‘Gamebred’.

“I can’t stand Colby, but let’s be real fake street Jesus was afraid to fight him,” wrote Askren, suggesting that despite his talk to the contrary, Masvidal has little interest in fighting former friend and training partner Colby Covington for fear of what the grinding wrestler might do to him over the course of five five-minute rounds.

However, while Askren is preparing for his professional boxing debut against an opponent known more for his social media following than his ring prowess, Masvidal is currently just under three weeks’ away from his second consecutive world title bout against UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman after losing by lopsided unanimous decision in the first.

Masvidal accepted that fight on just six days’ notice and protested that the result would have been different had he been able to take part in a full training camp — and the UFC were eager to agree, no doubt influenced by the 1.3 million reported pay-per-view sales associated with their first scrap at UFC 251.