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There could be some hope for UFC 206 (and Canadians) yet.

According to Michael Bisping, he’s been offered and has verbally accepted a fight with Georges St-Pierre at UFC 206. All that remains, he claims, is for St-Pierre to say yes.

St-Pierre’s status in the UFC has been a hot topic as of late, with him declaring himself a free agent after negotiations with the organisation repeatedly stalled. With the UFC returning to Canada for UFC 206, a GSP absence would be a significant hit to an already weak event.

After St-Pierre’s news, the UFC released their own statement, insisting that St-Pierre was in fact still under contract. For a moment, it looked as if legal action could be on the horizon.

Yet, a day later, St-Pierre was seen in Las Vegas, where the head offices of the UFC reside. And now, the middleweight champion Bisping has taken to Twitter and declared that there is still a chance — so long as St-Pierre resolves his terms with the company.

Should the UFC and St-Pierre negotiate successfully, it would make UFC 206 a must see event. It would also mean the organisation could have a McGregor card, a St-Pierre card and a Rousey card all in quick succession — something that would likely making the end of 2016 the most profitable business quarter in MMA history.


It appears that Dana White is none to keen on the idea, according to ESPN’s Brett Okamoto.

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