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The fact that Floyd Mayweather is coming out of retirement for one more contest isn’t that stunning. The fact he’s doing so in Japan against 20-year old kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa is.

Most of the casual fanbase — for years Mayweather’s bread and butter — won’t be familiar with the prodigy, and as such it’s an odd contest for the undefeated boxer to take an interest in. While some suspect Mayweather’s taking the fight to build his brand in Japan, it’s a bold move for a man known as getting the highest reward for the lowest risk.

Still, at a press conference to announce the contest, Mayweather wasn’t shy with his usual promotion in regards to his opponent.

“This kid right here is very special,” Mayweather said. “He’s young, very fast, and he is undefeated. It’s obvious he’s been doing something right to be where he is at, so I’m proud of him. It doesn’t matter where the fight is at, but it’s in a special place. I’m pretty sure he’s going to bring a lot of excitement. I’m going to bring a lot of excitement. And that’s what the people want to see.”

As of yet, things still remain confusing about the fight. The rules and weight class are yet to be decided on, and fans wait with baited breath to see if kicks of any kind will be allowed — likely the only factor that could affect Mayweather in a huge manner.

“The weight class and the rules, we will get that situated within the next couple weeks,” Mayweather said. “This particular bout is a special bout as we are giving people something they have never seen before. The world has never seen Mayweather compete live in Tokyo. When it’s all said and done, it’s about me going out there and displaying my skills against another skillful fighter.”