Eddie Alvarez’ coach Mark Henry: McGregor could beat Mayweather

Eddie Alvarez’ coach Mark Henry: McGregor could beat Mayweather

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By Oscar Willis - 16 Nov 2016

Conor McGregor’s performance at UFC 205 was one of his best yet.

Knocking down Eddie Alvarez numerous amount of times en route to becoming a UFC double champion, McGregor impressed fans and analysts alike — including Eddie Alvarez and his coach Mark Henry.

Speaking to SiriusXM, Henry praised the new lightweight champion, and described the Irishman as a once in a lifetime fighter.

“I think Conor, you cannot teach somebody how to hit like that,” Henry said, speaking with SiriusXM. “It takes a certain shoulder, it takes a flick of the wrist, it’s all many tiny mechanics, like what it takes to make an eyeball work. It’s the same thing to make the perfect swing. Like Babe Ruth, I just compare Conor to Babe Ruth man, his swing — we watched tape of it — but to be that close to it was a whole other thing.

“It comes along once in a lifetime, or once every hundred years, and I think God has just blessed him with a swing that, I know I’ll never see again.”

In fact, in light of a certain recent public back-and-forth, Henry even went as far as to say he would favour McGregor should this hypothetical/potential boxing match against Floyd Mayweather ever takes place.

“Before this fight, I would highly doubt him fighting Mayweather, but man I think this dude can figure out Mayweather. I don’t know if it went [long], but I could easily see him knocking anybody man. Like I said, it’s a Babe Ruth swing, there’s so many things you need to make it work.

“If you lean forward too much, you don’t turn your hips at the right time.. and also his range, he knows his range so well. A punch can be an inch… less than that, it can be a centimetre and he won’t pull his head back at times because he knows it’s not going to hit.

“He’ll slide back his head and counter, but if you don’t slide back your head the [counter] can come faster, so there are times he won’t slide back his head because he knows it’s not going to hit him. I can even farther, that four punch combination he used to finish off Eddie, he knew where his head was going to be on all four moves, he knows ahead of time where you’re going to be.

“What he does is just incredible.”