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Katie Taylor has retained her boxing lightweight titles and her undefeated record with a blistering performance over Miriam Gutierrez.

The Irishwoman was a level above what Gutierrez had to offer, and moves to 17-0 as a professional.

In the first round, Taylor came out as a woman on a mission. She opened things up with a huge, rapid flurry, looking to get her opponent out of things early. As is so often the case in Taylor fights, her hand speed leaves her opponents rattled by three or four blows before they’re able to fire off a counter.

Over and over again, Taylor landed her left hook, followed by another multi-punch combination. In the third, she once again had Miriam Gutierrez on the ropes, firing off around 20 shots, just lacking the power to put her away.

At the very end of the fourth, the writing was on the wall, as Taylor sent Gutierrez to the canvas with a pull-two counter.

In the end, Taylor won the fight via the judges’ scorecards with two judges giving her a clean sweep, while one gave Gutierrez a single round.