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Tony Ferguson has made his pitch.

The former interim lightweight champion wants to meet Michael Chandler as the main event of UFC 256 on December 12, and Ferguson has put out a promotional video to push the issue. Ferguson has been on the sidelines since a loss to Justin Gaethje, but was close to returning against Dustin Poirier last months before negotiations scuppered the contest.

Now, it seems El CuCuy is getting restless on the sidelines, and the fight that would on face value make the most sense — him acting as the greeting to former Bellator champion Michael Chandler — is the one he wants to take.

“You said 2020 has been shitty for many,” Ferguson wrote on Twitter, tagging UFC president Dana White. “Let’s make it a little better again. Let’s give em’ what they want. The fans deserve this.”

Check out Ferguson’s message in the video below.