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As Conor McGregor heads into UFC 229 to meet Khabib Nurmagomedov, he prepares as always with the same loyal team around him.

As combat nears, the McGregor Camp have once again headed out to Las Vegas to help build the Irishman in the desert heat and inside the UFC Performance Institute. As the brains behind the McGregor FAST program, it’s their duty to get their fighter ready for the competition to come.

As one of the world’s most elite training facilities, the UFC P.I. is no stranger to big names walking through the doors. Various celebrities have taken trips to visit the compound while in town, particularly if Team McGregor can be found working inside, and ahead of UFC 229, things are no different.

Courtesy of the McGregor FAST video blog, check out what happened when rock legend Jon Bon Jovi visited the team after the latest training session ahead of October 6.