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This Saturday. Karate Combat returns, and this time, there’s gold to be had.

At Karate Combat: Evolution, the main event will be a first time ever title fight between Luis “Pitbull” Rocha and Edgar “The Bearslayer” Skrivers for the ‘Golden Belt’. They match up in a bout of five three minute rounds.

For the uninitiated, Karate Combat is a full contact sport with karate experts competing in a sunken pit. It’s considered a modern twist on the martial art, and a move away from the traditional point fighting style so often seen for

Fights are full contact in the Karate Combat Fighting Pit, at 3 rounds of 3 minutes (5 rounds for title fights). Knockouts are encouraged and frequent. Karate Combat has become a favorite of the world’s best karate fighters, who enjoy the chance to fight without holding back as they have to in sports karate.

This weekend’s event can be streamed live from the promotion’s website, and is set to kick off at 7pm ET. To hype yourself up for the return of The Pit, check out the computer game-esque trailer in the video above.