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On Saturday, Conor McGregor will attempt to do what no professional boxer has been able to do in more than two decades — defeat Floyd Mayweather inside a boxing ring.

The Irishman’s much-vaunted rise from nothing, to something and then to everything has led to the August 26th showdown in Las Vegas and his journey from competing in dingy sports halls in Dublin to headlining the biggest combat sports event in history marks the high water mark (for now, at least) of one of global sports’ true icons.

Furthermore, McGregor’s achievements have come in tandem with those in his gym, Straight Blast Ireland. The first ever simultaneous two-weight champion in the UFC’s history has trained with the same gallery of coaches and training partners since he first walked into the gym more than a decade ago.

Recognising the role that the SBG family have played in his ascent to the top of the game, McGregor and his sponsor Betsafe arranged for a special surprise for two of his long-time training partners and coaches.

Watch the video below:

Betsafe are offering odds of 49/1 to all new customers that McGregor will defeat Floyd Mayweather on the 26 th August, a nod to ‘The
Notorious’ ending all hopes of Mayweather breaking Rocky Marciano’s unbeaten 49-0 record, one that has stood since 1955.