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Has CM Punk’s attempts in the UFC opened the door for other professional wrestling stars to try their luck in the world’s premiere mixed martial arts organisation?

While Punk might have come up short against Mike Jackson in Chicago last Saturday, and as such will likely no longer compete under the UFC banner, it seems other WWE stars are willing to strap on the 4oz gloves and give the whole fighting thing a try.

Take Daniel Bryan, for instance.

Bryan was asked by a fan if he could take Jackson during an Instagram live session his wife was hosting, earning a typically candid answer.

“I could beat him on the ground for sure, I think,” Bryan said. “If WWE will let me fight in UFC, maybe.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Mike Jackson didn’t take long to the comments, posting a message to Bryan on his social media.

“Don’t let your mouth write a check your ass can’t cash,” Jackson wrote. “You don’t want to get potatoed like your mans did at #UFC225.”

But before UFC fans start getting frustrated at the idea another professional wrestler could enter the promotion without having fought elsewhere first, they can rest assured this is something of a long shot.

Following Jackson’s victory over Punk on Saturday, UFC president Dana White very publicly slammed the welterweight’s performance, going as far as labelling Jackson a “complete fucking idiot.”

“Michael Jackson I’m not happy with,” White said during the post-fight press conference. “This guy was acting like a goofball tonight. You get this opportunity to fight CM Punk, and you’re doing, like, bolo punches to the body on top. Never looked like he was trying to finish the fight ever. Looked like he could have finished the fight a few times. Never tried.

“I don’t know what that guy did for a living before we gave him the shot, but whatever it was, he needs to go back and do that again. He’s 0-2 as far as I’m concerned.”