Watch Paddy Pimblett submit ten marines in grappling exhibition

Watch Paddy Pimblett submit ten marines in grappling exhibition

Pimblett showed off his grappling prowess against the US Marine Corps

By John Balfe - 12 Sep 2022

Paddy Pimblett’s star is surging since he made his debut in the UFC a little under a year ago.

The affable Scouser has become one of the most talked about fighters in the UFC’s 155-pound fold after scoring successive finishes against Luigi Vendramini, Rodrigo Vargas and, most recently, Jordan Leavitt — with each of those coming before he has seen a third round in the Octagon.

Of course, with the added fame comes additional scrutiny but also a whole lot of additional eyeballs, and the opportunities which can often follow — such as a recent invitation from the United States Marine Corps to demonstrate some of the grappling credentials which have led to his 9 career submission wins. And while he didn’t quite get in one of his trademark flying triangles, he made relatively light work of the succession of marines — even if he says it took a lot out of him.

“You’ve made me do a big crazy work circuit, then I’ve had to f*cking roll with every one of you. What the f*ck, boys,” Pimblett said after finishing the last of the ten marines sent his way. “I was meant to be doing a three-mile run today, it’s not happening now. Lad, this has been one of my hardest workouts this week, you gang of big b*stards.”

Check out the footage below: