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Chinese fighter Zhang Mingyang was the considerable underdog heading to the cage for this light heavyweight scrap with the UK’s Tuco Tokkas at the ‘Road to UFC’ event in Singapore in Wednesday — but anyone who threw down a few bucks on him will be celebrating today.

Mingyang made a mockery of the oddsmakers when he landed a hard right hand to the retreating Tokkas with around a minute remaining in the first round; a strike which toppled Tokkas and sent him cascading to the canvas.

The Chinese 205-pound fighter followed him to the mat where he added a barrage of strikes to the prone Tokkas before referee Herb Dean was able to intervene. The sequence left Tokkas unconscious on the mat for several moments, even past the point where Mingyang was announced as the winner of the fight.

Tokkas thankfully came to after a couple of minutes and was helped to the backstage area by his team, with reports from the arena indicating that he appeared badly dazed as a result of the finish.

You can check out the footage below: