Video — GSP: A Legend Returns (Full Episode)

Video — GSP: A Legend Returns (Full Episode)

Georges St-Pierre is back. Watch the full episode of GSP: A Legend Returns to celebrate.

By TheMacLife - 28 Oct 2017

Georges St-Pierre’s step into the Octagon next Saturday night will mark his first appearance in the cage for around four years.

One of the sports greatest legends, St-Pierre will be fighting for the UFC middleweight title, which should he win would make him just the fourth man on the roster to have owned two titles in two different divisions.

As the fight draws closer, a part of the narrative has revolved around if UFC fans remember who St-Pierre is. As the sport grew in his absence, particularly with the rising star power of Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey, the fanbase of MMA has exploded. Where that leaves St-Pierre’s legacy is uncertain. Do fans remember how great he once was? Or have a whole new generation tuned in since his departure.

As we move towards fight week, the UFC have released “UFC Presents, GSP: A Legend Returns”, to ask those questions and to look at the greatest welterweight of all time.