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Some point to Artem Lobov’s connection to Conor McGregor as if it’s something the Russian should be sheepish of.

Instead, Lobov wears his partnership with the Irishman as a badge of honour. After all, to train with one of the best fighters on the planet for years is no mean feat. And, ahead of his bout with Cub Swanson tonight, it’s all that training that Lobov can point to as an ace in his pocket.

While McGregor won’t be in attendance at UFC Nashville, Lobov remains calm. In fact, just because the UFC champion isn’t there, doesn’t mean he isn’t helping in some form or another.

“Conor has a great fighting mind,” Lobov said, speaking with TheMacLife. “He’s got very high fight IQ. He understands the game like no one else does, so he definitely gave me a lot of pointers, and we’ve been in constant contact. While I’m here he has given me things to work on, things to look out for, and he gave me the exact game plan to follow. I’m ready to implement it and get that win Saturday night.”