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The UFC has inked a new multi-year broadcasting deal with online outlet Eleven Sports for the UK and Irish markets, it was announced today. 

The deal will take over the existing partnership the UFC has with BT Sports and it will come into action on January 1st, 2019. UFC 232 on December 29 in Las Vegas will almost certainly be the final event to be broadcast under the existing deal with BT Sports.

BT Sports has held the rights for the market since 2013.

“UFC Fight Nights will be shown live on ELEVEN SPORTS, whilst ELEVEN will have the option to make some events available in partnership with other broadcast platforms,” the UFC said of the deal in a statement.

Whereas BT Sports broadcast all UFC events, pay-per-view or otherwise, without additional payment beyond the monthly subscription, language exists in the Eleven Sports announcement which suggests that they could charge extra for numbered UFC events.

Eleven Sports also has the rights to Spain’s La Liga and Italy’s Serie A but not the English Premier League, which BT Sports retains rights to.