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Tony Ferguson is finding it a little difficult to understand some of the turns his career has taken.

Ferguson has been a number one contender in the UFC’s lightweight division for years, and has possessed an interim title, been stripped of it, then fought for it again. Now, as he looks to bounce back from a loss to Justin Gaethje in May, Ferguson appears to find the concept of chasing the 155-pound title a little bit difficult to comprehend.

“That title’s a wet dream,” Ferguson said at the UFC 256 media day. “Like that Farmer’s Insurance commercial — ‘You almost got it, keep it going, we’re just going to keep dangling it in front of you’ — I don’t know what the problem is. I don’t know if it’s because I’m Mexican. I’m an American with Mexican parts. 12 fight win streak, eight years in the making before women’s sports were even in [the UFC]. Conor [McGregor] was on welfare. All these different things and I still didn’t earn a title shot.

“But I’m still sitting saying fuck the free world, just like Eminem. The most naked I’ve ever been my whole entire life. I’m still here. I’m still waiting. I’ve got the belt in my room. I could go after another belt but how much greed is that? I’ve got an Ultimate Fighter trophy. I’ve got a [Fighter’s Only] trophy. I’ve got a UFC belt. I’ve got medals and I’m Lord of the Rings with all my championship rings.”

Ferguson meets Charles Oliveira in Saturday night’s main event, but while his opponent is renowned as a hard challenge, the Brazilian wouldn’t have the star power that Ferguson’s usually linked with. According to him, that’s an indictment on the top five lightweights, not Oliveira.

“UFC said that Chandler had a fight, and then Chandler said that he didn’t have a fight,” Ferguson explained. “Somewhere along the line, somebody was fucking lying. I’m sitting here tell you get your fucking facts straight … Oliveira’s the only game opponent that wanted to fight,” Ferguson said. “Chandler doesn’t want to fight. Poirier doesn’t want to fight. McNuggets ran and Tiramisu’s gone. You got these assholes [MMA media] that were going to fucking put these guys over top of me and want to move me back to No. 5. It happened before. I hate to say it but matchmaking is like a logarithm. I found it, I called it.”