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Tony Ferguson has angrily noted there was confusion in his corner at UFC 256.

According to the former lightweight champion, while he was away from his entourage, someone pulled a power move to put themselves into the lead position and portray themselves as head corner. A position, Ferguson says, that person didn’t warrant.

“How about middle of UFC 256 between 1st-2nd round trying to figure out why your appointed cornermen wasn’t there w/ you talking game plans from camp. Wtf 🤦‍♂️” Ferguson wrote on his social media. “Backstage one of my trusted cornermen lied to the others and said I said it was ok for them to take charge when I was getting changed. Completely opposite what my request was earlier to the whole team. This person was barely there at all pre, & during fight week (hadn’t reviewed gameplans etc. So it didn’t make sense). As a team it was noted.

“The guy basically bullied the others with seniority behind the scenes & took position when UFC asked my team who was in charge. They mic’d him up & there it went. That person was such a good coach they forgot to bring me water in between rounds. Thanks Tommy for getting it to me.”

With this Tommy apparently removed from Ferguson’s squad, Ferguson is looking for someone else to step up and help his preparation in future, and is seemingly taking applications.

“Inside & Outside Of The Octagon I Will Not Tolerate Ego. That’s grounds for expulsion from The Academy,” he wrote. “There Is No I in Team. That Person’s Trainer/Corner/Coach Position Is Available To A Deserving Person. -Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork- DM & Email Resume.”