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It’s tough to imagine how hard it was for Tony Ferguson to watch Khabib Nurmagomedov end up in the cage with Al Iaquinta at UFC 223.

Ferguson and Nurmagomedov were scheduled to headline the event in one of the most anticipated contests in lightweight history, only for Ferguson to withdraw via injury a week before the bell rang after tripping on an electric cable during media obligations.

Nurmagomedov was then led through a myriad of different bout agreements, before Al Iaquinta accepted the contest just 24 hours before fight night. In the end, Nurmagomedov won the contest handily, using his trademark grappling ability to cement the win and to start his UFC lightweight title reign.

But while fans might have enjoyed the textbook Nurmagomedov performance, Ferguson — whose interim title was stripped when he suffered his injury — himself was left unimpressed with how Nurmagomedov’s championship status began.

But while Ferguson might have thought that a clever insult, Iaquinta certainly didn’t, taking to Twitter to answer Ferguson and remind ‘El CuCuy’ why Ferguson wasn’t fighting himself.

And, as you might expect from two of the more.. out-of-the-box characters in the UFC, that started off an entertaining back and forth.