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As Conor McGregor readies himself for his return to action this year, he has detailed the exactly what it takes to build oneself up to a championship pedigree — and as he told the YouTube channel of his fitness regime McGregor F.A.S.T., there are no shortcuts to the top.

His day, as you might expect, begins early. As he explains, there are certain tasks which must first be achieved to prepare for the day ahead. Chief among those is adequate hydration.

“Water. The first thing I would have in the morning is water and then I would stretch and then I would get my breakfast,” McGregor explained.

Breakfast, when it comes, can vary but certain nutritional bullet points must be hit.

“Eggs. Potatoes. Maybe some mushroom,” McGregor explained. “A spinach and kale type of juice, or it could be like spinach on the side. Then maybe some fruit; a strawberry smoothie … strawberries or maybe some watermelon or pineapple and that would be a good fuel breakfast. Fully fuelled.”

With the tank full, then comes the work.

“I’d do breakfast, have a pre-workout and then I’d usually work out. I’d work out then I’d come home and eat my lunch, that would be some rice dish… maybe a root veg. Maybe some potato mash and maybe some chicken, something like that, depending on what the next sessions were.”

And if this seems like a lot of effort, that’s because it is. But the attention to detail, he says, pays significant dividends.

“It pays off majorly,” McGregor says. “Majorly. All the small details of it make the big details. Again, I’d go back to the structure. Wake up at a certain time. Train at a certain time. Structure is the key to real success I feel. You’ve got to be structured, you can’t just be on the fly.”

You can find out more about McGregor F.A.S.T. and even sign up for the program yourself by visiting this link.