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While nothing has been signed, it is appearing increasingly likely that Brock Lesnar will challenge Daniel Cormier for his UFC heavyweight title early next year. 

A win for Lesnar would cause some considerable ire for the WWE. Vince McMahon and his backroom staff are reportedly still unsure how to remove the WWE’s ‘Universal’ Title from Lesnar’s waist ahead of his prolonged absence from the company but if he was to actually defeat Cormier next year to claim the UFC’s heavyweight title, it could cause an even bigger headache.

According to the Fired Up podcast (via Uproxx) however, Lesanr has a solution: he wants to work for both the WWE and the UFC simultaneously.

“I’ll break some news,” host Joe Peisich saiid. “Brock Lesnar last week had a meeting with Vince and the higher ups with WWE and he has told them that he wants to work with both.

“He wants to work with WWE and UFC. I don’t know how that’s going to happen, but if Brock does not lose the title at SummerSlam you could see him working for both WWE and UFC. Like I said, I don’t know how that works but he wants to work for both.”

It’s nearly certain that that neither the UFC nor WWE would be overly-enamoured with this suggestion but Lesnar is in the unique position of being a proven box office commodity for both companies, so if anyone can do it it would likely be the gargantuan wrestler.