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Colby Covington’s path to UFC title contention hasn’t come without a few sacrifices. 

While ‘Chaos’ will trumpet the fact that his fight purses have inflated greatly since he adopted his brash, MAGA-loving persona there is little denying that his standing among his peers has taken a hit. One such person is the man Covington once described as his ‘best friend’, Jorge Masvidal.

Training partners at American Top Team, both men embodied the ‘blood is thicker than water’ philosophy. That is to say, Masvidal never quite co-signed the change to Covington’s character which has at once drawn the ire of so many but also helped him climb the ladder at 170-pounds where this weekend he stands 25-minutes of action from legitimately declaring himself as the best welterweight in the world.

This uneasy ceasefire was never going to hold, particularly after Covington declared his friend and teammate a ‘journeyman fighter’ in advance of his ‘BMF’ title match with Nate Diaz in Madison Square Garden last month — and now, it seems like the gloves are very much off judging by a pair of Tweets issued by ‘Gamebred’ on Thursday.

“Remember when I used to let you sleep on the couch?” Masvidal tweeted, without directly addressing Covington. “You were crying cause those Brazilian girls punked you and I put you on. I fed you, clothed you and you sold out for 7 likes. Sad that’s all you got for a title fight. 13th disciple is a bitch.

“Remember when your ass got tried on south beach and me and Ike had to save your ass from some real goons fucking you up? When Tibau whooped your ass so hard in sparring and you came crying to me asking if it’s OK to be scared like a bitch?”

Fighting words, we are sure you will agree.

Should Covington emerge with the title belt after his match with Usman this weekend, it is highly likely that inroads would be made to secure what would be a highly publicised grudge match between him and his former friend Masvidal — and if that does indeed come to fruition, prepare yourself for a storm of insults and behind the scenes tales as the fight draws nearer.