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When UFC president Dana White went onto the UFC Unfiltered podcast and announced the UFC would be doing away with early morning weigh-ins, there was bound to be a differing of opinion.

The decision has come after a series of high profile weight misses over the past few months, including names like Darren Till, Mackenzie Dern, and Kevin Lee. According to White, while the early morning weigh-ins, which usually take place between 9am-11am, started in good faith, the desire by fighters to gain an advantage means it’s no longer feasible.

“We’re looking at taking the weigh-ins back to the way they used to be,” White said. “So when the guys weigh in there at the fight, that will be it. That’ll be the real weigh-in.

“I believe that any time you change something, everybody looks to take as much advantage as they can of the situation. And I think that when we started doing morning weigh-ins, it was very good. Everybody was making weight. Everything was great. But then people kept cutting it closer, and closer, and closer, thinking they can put on more weight because they have more time to recover.

Naturally, his words garnered a reaction online, particularly by the names who’d have to deal with the changes.