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Paulo Costa believes Israel Adesanya will be looking to avoid any genuine exchanges during their fight at UFC 253.

In fact, the middleweight contender says the only thing Adesanya will be looking to do is run.

“I think he will be like [he was against] Romero. More running,” Costa said, speaking on the UFC 253 virtual media day. “I don’t know if you know but Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world he got coronavirus. I wish the best for him, good recovery for him. But with this news, now Adesanya is now the No. 1 fastest man in the world. Adesanya is now [officially] the No. 1 fastest runner of the world.”

Despite his apparent concern that the champion will look to avoid a firefight, Costa says he has nothing on his mind but earning a finish, claiming fighters who lose by decision have no right to be upset.

“I’m not going to just be a winner by one advantage or one point. I’m going to destroy him,” Costa said. “I don’t care for judges gives some round to him because I’m not going to take this fight by decision. I’m training to destroy him. I believe the fighter cannot be sad when he lost by decision because it needs to be clear. That’s what I do.

“I go to finish the fight and not let judges [get involved]. I go to destroy him. That’s what I do. I’m training to do that, to destroy him. For sure, I don’t believe he will be there until the third round. I will finish the fight with ground and pound. I will take him down. I will finish this fight with striking, but he will not get on the third round.”