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Paul Felder believes Darren Till “might be the best case scenario” for Mike Perry’s cornerman auction

Paul Felder thinks Darren Till being the man in Mike Perry’s corner might actually be a better choice than some of the alternatives.

By Oscar Willis - 8 Oct 2020

When Mike Perry said he was auctioning off a position in his corner to the highest bidder, it took no time at all for Darren Till to offer his services for $5000.

And the fact that the pair are rivals? And that Perry seems to loathe the Liverpudlian due to remarks made about his girlfriend? No worries. But while it remains to be seen if Till really will make the trip over to America to help advise Perry in his upcoming fight with Robbie Lawler, according to Paul Felder, it actually might make more sense than the other alternatives — especially if those alternatives are with random fans.

“Ultimately it’s up to him and it’s up to the fighter,” Felder said Wednesday. “Whoever they wanna have in there, as long as they fill out all the paperwork and do their thing, that’s his decision. He’s a guy that maybe isn’t gonna listen to them anyway. He’s just gonna do his own thing. I don’t mean that disrespectfully, some guys are gonna ride off their emotions and instincts in the octagon and Mike is definitely one of those guys.

“When he fought me, he had a good corner. He was out at Jackson’s and Winkeljohn and had Frank Lester in his corner and that’s who he was working pads with and he listened. They were yelling out certain code words, and he was following those, so even though it maybe it was frustrating him to do that, he beat me and he had a good performance and he was more technical in that fight than we’ve seen him in other fights.

“So, I don’t know what’s going to happen. If he gets Darren Till, it might be the best case scenario for him, so hopefully Darren is serious and chucks out that cash, but I don’t see Mike letting that happen.”