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Paddy Pimblett and Joe Joe Giannetti seem to agree on one thing: their CageWarrior’s contest is off.

The reason why, however, depends on which man you ask. Earlier today, Giannetti missed weight at the official weigh-ins by a considerable margin (163 pounds instead of 156), which resulted in something of a you, no you situation on social media.

According to Giannetti, he attempted to give as much of his purse to Pimblett as required in order to keep the contest alive.

For Pimblett himself, however, the money was never an issue. The Liverpudlian and his team felt that Giannetti had never really tried to make weight in earnest, and was counting on Pimblett accepting the cash so he could fight with an unfair weight advantage the next day.

At that point, Giannetti began heavily campaigning for the fight to continue, taking to his twitter to insult Pimblett and accuse him of avoiding the contest, as well as reaffirming he was unable to lose any more weight, and he was willing to hand over whatever amount of money it took.