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Nate Diaz’s professional boxing debut might be a one-and-done situation. 

The longtime former UFC fighter fights Jake Paul in Dallas, Texas on August 5 and while it is expected to be one of the larger purses he will have achieved in an extensive combat sports career, Diaz says that he has his eye on a return to what he calls ‘real fighting’.

“I’m gonna get this fight done with and then everything changes with every fight,” Diaz said to the Raw Talk podcast, as noted by MiddleEasy.

“People don’t understand that. Everything changes with every fight. Like the fight show last week and every fight show that happens changes the whole f*cking bracket. If they’ll have me, I would love to go back to the UFC. I got love for Dana either way, I don’t care what he says. It’s all business. I just want to do my thing and get back to what I do. Fight for real.”

And as for the man who he faces in the boxing ring in a few weeks’ time, Diaz says that Jake Paul has found himself in the position of being a bona-fide box office attraction not necessarily due to his skills, but more-so due to his appetite for self-promotion.

“This guy thinks he’ll actually beat everybody’s f*cking ass and he’s louder than all you fools who are really beating people’s asses,” Diaz said. “So now I have to step the f*ck out to box real quick and whip this motherf*cker’s ass so we’ll know who’s the real ass whipper. Understand what I’m saying. People saying, ‘Oh, it’s a mismatch’ and this and that. Well, then you f*cking fight him, motherf*cker.

“Make sure the best fights are happening because that’s what I’m here to see when I’m watching fighting. And this fools poppin’ off in interviews: ‘We’re real fighters.’ Prove it motherf*cker. I’mma go beat his ass for talkin’ sh*t.”

And there was one more thing about Paul that put a bad taste in Diaz’s mouth.

“And then he was talking sh*t to Conor [McGregor] and dissing his wife, and sh*t. On some real disrespectful stuff that he shouldn’t be saying. And nobody’s saying sh*t. I’m the one that said, shut the f*ck up, b*tch. I’m gonna whoop your ass for real.”