Mike Perry ready to have a punch up at UFC fighter’s retreat

Mike Perry ready to have a punch up at UFC fighter’s retreat

Mike Perry, like many others, is curious about hundreds of fighters spending prolonged period of times around each other

By Oscar Willis - 19 May 2017

This weekend, the UFC and its new owners are hosting what’s described as a ‘fighter’s retreat’, where all current members of the UFC roster are invited to come and meet the WME/IMG brass, hear plans for the promotion’s future, as well as enjoy an arrangement of events for them all to enjoy.

But, of course, cramming hundreds of fighters — many of whom aren’t huge fans of each other — into one space doesn’t come without its risks. Case in point, Mike Perry’s recent comments to Champions.co.

“Well I’m going to go to this retreat in Las Vegas this weekend,” Perry said. “A bunch of motherfuckers are going to be there and I’ll start a fight in the lobby with all of them—I don’t give a damn. [The UFC] want to see all us fighters, well let’s see what happens when they put us all in a room—we just going to fight in that bitch.”

Of course, Platinum isn’t necessarily going to have a fight. He just wants it to be known that he won’t back down from one either.

“Listen, there ain’t going to be no tension from me,” Perry said. “But if a motherfucker gets a trippin’, and looks at me sideways, then I’ll happily put them in their place.”

Well, either way, Gerald Harris and he can probably have a nice catch up.