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Add Mike Perry to the list of UFC stars who’d like to welcome Nick Diaz back to the Octagon should he return.

Since reports emerged that the older Diaz brother was looking to fight again, a number of fighters have thrown their hat into the ring should the opportunity to compete against him arise. Prior to his retirement/hiatus, Diaz was one of the most popular stars in the sport, and his welterweight title fight with Georges St-Pierre garnered huge attention for his pre-fight antics.

The latest member of the UFC roster to call for a meet with Diaz is Mike Perry, who was last seen with a win over Mickey Gall. Taking to his social media earlier, Perry

“Everybody talking about the return of @nickdiaz209 like he looks tough or something. A skinny weakling like his lil brother, y’all both look like @mickeygall, @realroyce was the only guy ever good at that jitsu style. Florida jiu jitsu is on top ! #EastCoast,” Perry wrote. “They saying you won’t show up for the fight [Nick] 🤷🏼‍♂️ your brother already got showed up by the east coast. You ain’t gonna do nothing about that ? I know you don’t train like you use to … but I have just been chillin with my girl on #MiamiBeach and you still don’t want this east coast smoke ! Im a power puncher and those lil salt & pepper punches you throw won’t phase me.”