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When Miesha Tate said she was uninterested in seeing what happens to Jon Jones in his latest scandal, it’s perhaps unlikely she expected to hear a response from the former light heavyweight champion.

Yet, hear back she did, and seemingly not in a way she appreciated.

Earlier this week, Tate spoke on a radio show when asked about Jones’ appearance in front of the California State Athletic Commission. She expressed dismay in Jones’ consistent misbehaviour, and said that she no longer had faith in him.

The same day, Jones took to his social media, writing that he wouldn’t “quit when things get tough for me” and telling Tate to “enjoy retirement.” It was suggested by some that Jones could possibly have been referring to Tate’s in-cage retirement, where she decided to walk away from the sport mid-fight.

Apparently, Tate got that insinuation herself. She took to Twitter to reply to Jones, telling him he makes things harder on himself, and that she retired when the time was right for her.

“You make things tougher for yourself,” Tate wrote [grammar and spelling edited for clarity.] “I hope you can figure it out this time but I’m not holding my breath. Supported you plenty in the past and if you’re implying I’m a quitter that’s pretty low. There’s a time when all of us have to stop and [I’m] happy I walked away with a clean slate.”

Jones is expected to receive a punishment and suspension from the sport from USADA, although the length of which is currently unknown.