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Michael Bisping says that UFC president Dana White has told him that Georges St-Pierre doesn’t wish to fight and is instead “wasting everybody’s time.”

Bisping, who has returned to preliminary training after a knee injury, said he was speaking to White last week on the phone, when the UFC boss informed him that a bout with St-Pierre appeared to be off the table.

“Right now I’m still looking at GSP,” Bisping said, on his podcast Believe You Me. “I had a conversation with Dana White last week on the phone. He made me an offer — not for a fight, I will not reveal here what it was — but he made me an offer.

“He made me an offer for something, and I said ‘what about GSP?’, and he said ‘GSP does not want to fight’. I said ‘but that’s not what I’m hearing, I’m hearing he wants to fight me, his coach told me that he wants to fight me.’ He said ‘Mike, if I can make the GSP fight happen, I’ll make it happen but he doesn’t want to fight you, I’m telling you’. So I don’t know what the fuck is going on out there. GSP if you are listening to this — make the call. Make the call, I’m down, we did the press conference, I’m in, 100%.”

White had previously publicly stated that the bout between St-Pierre and Bisping was officially cancelled, and instead Bisping would face the winner of Yoel Romero versus Robert Whittaker (which is for the interim title).

And while Bisping understands that might be his next challenge, he still hopes the St-Pierre contest would come to fruition.

“Failing that, I will have to fight the number one contender,” Bisping said. “That is my duty as a champion. But we’ve had the press conference for me vs. GSP, so for me, I’m still invested in that fight and I want to be a part of a big fight and then I’ll fight the number one contender.

“But if we don’t make this fight soon, I’m going to be forced to move on because that’s what I have to do. That’s my duty. Dana said if he can make the GSP fight he will, but in his opinion GSP doesn’t want to fight, [Dana] feels he’s just fucking wasting everybody’s time.”