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Conor McGregor’s move into boxing does raise some questions. How will the mixed martial arts techniques translate over from the cage to the ring? How will Conor’s punching be affected by bigger gloves? Is the movement different?

With the nature of the contest — an MMA fighter facing a boxer — there are plenty of factors to consider. But, while those will all be answered on fight night, there are some hypothetical scenarios that likely won’t occur that can still be fun to imagine.

For example, as Joe Rogan wondered on his podcast yesterday: what would happen if Conor McGregor kicked Floyd Mayweather in the head?

“That would be fucked up,” Rogan said. “There’s probably some stipulations in the contract that say, ‘you can’t get him in an armbar or choke him.’.. Could you imagine? He would be a god damn folk hero.

“If they got in close and Floyd was shucking and juking on the outside and he threw a jab to cover up a left high kick and that left high kick necks him? Just clang, and you see Floyd go limp – and he would go limp. He’s never been high kicked like that. Jesus, that would be crazy.”

In his thinking, Rogan is actually correct. On a media call last Wednesday, UFC president Dana White confirmed that there was language in the bout agreement that lists specific punishments if McGregor used non-boxing techniques — something that would end up with McGregor facing financial punishment.

According to Rogan, however, it could.. could still be worth it.

“Would it be worth it? It would but it would fuck everything up because no one would ever trust another fighter from MMA to ever fight a boxer in a boxing match again.”