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As a former champion himself, Michael Bisping knows how important the world title feels once it’s around your waist. So, when T.J. Dillashaw announced he was willingly giving up the belt while he dealt with a recent USADA infringement, Bisping was left feeling a little skeptical.

Speaking on his podcast ‘Believe You Me’, the retired Brit said he felt that any man who was willing to hand over the belt had something to hide.

“I don’t break the circle of trust,” Bisping said. “I don’t speak outside of school. I don’t tell tales outside of fucking tale-telling time but I’m telling you this, circle of trust or not, no motherfucker relinquishes their belt out of respect for the rest of the division. It ain’t about the rest of the division, it’s about me. I’m not gonna relinquish my belt once I destroy the competition and become the champion. I’m not gonna relinquish my belt out of respect for the competition. You just wouldn’t do that. So that in itself — and I apologize if I’m wrong — is almost an admittance of guilt. It really is.

“You would not relinquish your belt unless there was some kind of guilt and you know you’re in a no-win situation.”