Max Holloway posts loving tribute to ‘big brother’ Daniel Cormier

Max Holloway posts loving tribute to ‘big brother’ Daniel Cormier

Max Holloway considers Daniel Cormier his big brother, and posted a tribute to the former champion after Cormier lost to Stipe Miocic at UFC 241.

By Oscar Willis - 19 Aug 2019

Max Holloway has always been considered a cool guy, but his tribute post to Daniel Cormier after Cormier lost his UFC heavyweight title is as heart warming as anything in MMA.

Cormier was defeated by Stipe Miocic in the main event of UFC 241 in the fourth round of their epic back and forth contest. Following the fight, Holloway posted a lengthy statement on his Instagram.

It’s well worth reading.

“I can’t even remember how DC entered my life. He’s like the kid who sits at your lunch table and talks to you just so he can eat some of your food. Now here we are… my big brother,” Holloway wrote. “Big brother to Khabib. Captain to AKA. Coach at Gilroy High. Legacy isn’t about the belts you take from the sport. It’s about what you leave behind. So many of us out here chasing things for ourselves and DC been out here chasing the next lunch tables, finding the next generation he can pay it forward to. I don’t know what DC’s family will decide to do. But I know he has nothing left to prove, and even if he did we’ll all still be here proving it for him every day. And when we’re done, it’ll be some kids from Gilroy taking our spots, still proving what doesn’t have to be proven any more.

“That DC is still and will always be the number one pound for pound daddest man on the planet. Bruce Buffer don’t need you in there to do his job. But I need you to do mine. Rest up and get back to my lunch table big brother. I love you.”