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There’s two notable things Leon Edwards was a part of in London on Saturday night — and both of them were physical altercations.

Unfortunately for Edwards, however, the emotions towards both of those events are incredibly contrasting. Just after Edwards had the best win of his career with a fantastic performance over Gunnar Nelson, he walked back stage where he was hit by Jorge Masvidal in a sudden and unexpected skirmish.

For Edwards, it’s hard to think about the former without it being tainted by the latter.

“It’s madness to be fair,” Edwards said, speaking on the Ariel Helwani MMA Show. “What I did Saturday night to Gunnar Nelson, that should be the main topic. It’s nonsense really. [Masvidal] will get his day and it’ll be good.”

It’s not that Edwards considers the backstage brawl a big deal, rather that it shouldn’t have happened and that Masvidal managed to escape unharmed.

“We were both doing media, I was walking past [and] he was staring at me, I said, ‘We can fight in July’, and that was it,” Edwards explained. “He walked out the interview, I walked towards him as well, he threw two shots and run past security and that was it. I saw he said I came over with my hands up. That didn’t happen. It’s just a bunch of nonsense really, but his day will come. We’ll see.

“He got away this time, it’ll never happen again … He’s lucky he got away that night, and security took him away. Because he would have got badly hurt.”

Naturally however, it’s something Edwards looks to remedy in the near future.

“I feel I need to spank this man,” Edwards said. “Either give me the title shot next or give me Masvidal. That’s my two options I got.”