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To say that Kron Gracie comes from good lineage would be an understatement.

Not only is his last name a particular signifier in unarmed combat circles, Kron is the youngest son of all-time great Rickson Gracie and grandson to Helio Gracie, patriarchs of the family without whom it is doubtful that mixed martial arts would have developed in the manner that is had.

Kron Gracie made his UFC debut in Phoenix last weekend, submitting Alex Caceres just over two minutes into the first round and afterwards commented on a ‘good luck’ message he received on Twitter from Conor McGregor.

“Very excited to see Kron Gracie compete tomorrow in the UFC,” McGregor tweeted. “Son of Rickson, partner of Diaz. So much lineage. Very proud and exciting moment here for the prestigious Gracie family. Remember that without this family, none of us would have a job we loved. Good luck and respect.”

Speaking after his first UFC victory, Gracie was asked for his thoughts on McGregor’s message.

“Yeah, yeah, I heard,” Gracie said. “It’s kind of cool to get that respect that he respects the Gracie family because it’s true none of us would be here without my uncle creating the UFC so yeah it’s kind of surreal sometimes you know that I mean, you know my grandfather, my Dad never lost, and me it’s kind of pretty interesting storyline and I’m here to make some noise, you know, to make some problems for everybody.”