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Kevin Holland has never made his disdain for middleweight champion Israel Adesanya a secret.

After UFC 259 and Adesanya’s defeat to light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz, it seems Holland is ready to double down on his criticism. Speaking ahead of his fight with Derek Brunson this weekend, Holland explained to the media that he felt Adesanya was telling fibs about his preparation for his UFC 205-pound debut.

“I think that he said he didn’t try and put on weight but I think that he put on weight,” Holland said. “He may have came in at 200-pounds, I think that he did a normal weight cut which was smart. It’s a smart thing to do. Take it like you’d normally take it, right?

“He looked a little slower than he normally does, right? Usually, he’s faster than that, he didn’t look as fast. Am I wrong? I could be right here. He didn’t look as fast as he normally does. He got beat in the striking aspect. He got beat in the grappling aspect. He got beat. In a lot of other sports, when you’re the champ and you lose you’re no longer the champ anymore.

“Granted he went up a weight class, but shit, the dude lost. He’s officially.. is there any other fighters right now that has done just about every combat sport and lost in every combat sport? Is there? So I guess you could say he’s a true loser.”

Holland meets Brunson this Saturday night at UFC Vegas 22 from the UFC Apex in Las Vegas.