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When Conor McGregor had the opportunity to enter into professional boxing earlier this year, he did so knowing he’d be putting a number of his physical skills to the side to focus on a single aspect of MMA.

But, while some could consider that a detriment upon his return to the Octagon, McGregor and his team are instead looking at the positives. As one of the most elite strikers in the UFC prior to his foray into boxing, McGregor had an opportunity to expand solely on those skills for months, something which could truly make his stand-up fighting ability second to none.

According to his coach John Kavanagh, it’s an exciting prospect that he’s ready to see.

“To be honest, some of the things we’ve come away with from the Mayweather fight, some of the [improvements],” Kavanagh said, speaking with Starsport.

“When would an MMA guy have a chance to take six months just to focus on one aspect of MMA? Never is the answer, they’re always trying to work on everything. But when he does return to the Octagon, his hands are going to be a lot better than what they were. And I’m excited to see that.”

And should any of McGregor’s fans be concerned that his focus on boxing has left other areas of his game lacking, Kavanagh is quick to put those fears to rest.

“You know, I was rolling with him two weeks ago and I was wondering how his jiu-jitsu would be,” Kavanagh said. “And I was very annoyed that he took my back and choked me. So he hasn’t lost too much there.

“Of course, he has to tighten up there before he goes to fight in the Octagon again. But he really does love grappling. Even in the lead up to the Mayweather fight, he would still kind of ask you about wrestling or jiu-jitsu, and he’d say, ‘hey, look at this’. I know it’s in his head all the time although he wasn’t physically training it. I know mentally he’s still thinking about it.”