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Fabricio Werdum’s altercation with Colby Covington last week in Sydney was one of the more unusual stories in mixed martial arts of this year.

The two engaged in a verbal back and forth that turned physical after Werdum was seen on video throwing a boomerang into Covington, seemingly hitting his chest before the two were separated. From Covington’s side, he was accused of kicking Werdum, but was only seen on film (that he posted himself) calling Werdum a homophobic slur.

While all that’s bizarre enough, the entire saga took another twist when it emerged that Covington was pressing charges against the former heavyweight champion, meaning Werdum will have to return to Australia and go to court next month.

“This situation, I don’t believe,” Werdum said at UFC Sydney’s post-fight press conference. “Colby comes to Australia, and I’ve never seen him before. I’m just in my room with my coaches, ‘Hey, coach, let’s go cut my hair.’

“When I go out, [Covington] looked at me and he said, ‘Brazilian animals.’ I said I don’t believe this, and I just slapped his phone. I just touched his phone; that’s it, man. And he kicked me. He kicked me, but I’m ready for the fight [with Tybura], I blocked his kick. And after that, the guys stand in the middle. And two minutes [before], I had one fan give me the boomerang. … [Covington] says a lot of things about my mom, my country. I just threw it. If I had maybe a burger or cake in my hands, I’d throw that for sure, but I had a boomerang.

“But nothing, man; it just (touched him) in the shoulder. This is nothing, man. How is a fighter going to the cops? The guy goes to the police for that? This is crazy. He’s like a — I don’t want to say the word, but he’s like a bitch.”

While it might be easier for Werdum to just ignore the issue and avoid returning to Australia in the future, but the Brazilian fully intends to return on his date of summoning in December. In fact, he says he’s going to make a decent trip of it.

“When I come to Australia again, I’ll bring my family, for sure,” Werdum said. “I’ll stay here one week, for sure. I’ll just explain everything for the judge and that’s it, man, because I know I have a reason, I know I’m in the right.”