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Justin Gaethje might not like it when people call him the ‘Homer Simpson of MMA’, but he’s not exactly hoping the moniker disappears anytime soon either.

Gaethje’s reckless abandonment in fights has earned him a perception of being willing to take a punch to land one, and as such some of his colleagues have made sly references in the past. For Gaethje, who is adamant his style has changed over the last two fights, he’s fine with the Homer Simpson tag sticking around a little longer.

“I want that to stick around as long as possible,” Gaethje said at a media scrum today in Vancouver. “I want these guys to think they’re fighting a fool and a dummy. My timing is different. They will never be able to replicate the heart rate they get when they fight me.”

And as far as his new style?

“My output has dropped about 85 percent, if you look at it, and my coach told me forever, ‘Just try a little bit less and you will find more success,’” Gaethje said. “It’s like golf. The harder you try, the worse you are to do it. It doesn’t make sense to me because I come from wrestling, where the harder you work, the better you did. But once I lost two times in a row, I was able to go back to the drawing board and take the criticism and try to make the adjustments, and luckily I have the 2018 ‘Coach of the Year,’ the ‘Coach of the Century.’ I’m coachable. Wrestlers are coachable, so I listen to everything he says.”