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Tony Ferguson might have beaten Donald Cerrone in a fight earlier this year, but that doesn’t mean Cowboy’s not rooting for him.

Right now, fans wait with baited breath to see if Ferguson will be matched up with Khabib Nurmagomedov in one of mixed martial arts’ most anticipated contest of the past few years, if not of all time.

While Ferguson seems to be head and shoulders above anyone else in terms of meritocracy, UFC president Dana White’s insinuation they could look at a Conor McGregor rematch should Ferguson “not accept the fight” has left some ambiguity about proceedings.

Ask Cerrone, and he’s bullish about who should be next.

“Hell yeah, man! Give the dude his dues,” Cerrone said during a media scrum in Vancouver. “That would be tough for Tony to swallow [if McGregor got it]. No, (Ferguson) deserves it. For sure.”

Ahead of Cerrone this Saturday lies Justin Gaethje, and whomever wins would likely be in title contention for themselves. For Cowboy, he’s just thinking about the act itself rather than the consequences of it.

“Saturday night, there’s not many places in the world I’d rather be,” Cerrone said. “I’ll fight anybody. Those words, to me, are like truth, like who I am. When I don’t love it any more, I’ll call Dana. I really will. If I take a fight and halfway through the camp, I’m not feeling it, I’ll just call Dana, like, ‘Hey man, this one isn’t for me. I’ve got to take some time. I’ve got to maybe stop. Maybe not.’

“But right now, there’s no stopping. I’m rolling. I’m rocking. I love all of it. There’s no stopping. Losing sucks, winning’s fun, but the whole journey to me is what it’s all about. … Win or lose, man, I’m putting it on the line for every one of you.”