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While Ben Askren’s introduction to the UFC might have entertained fans and pundits, his next opponent Jorge Masvidal is decidedly bored of the antics.

Masvidal is set to meet Askren at UFC 239 on International Fight Week in Las Vegas. Judging by their current dynamic, the pair are likely to antagonise each other repeatedly before the first week of July.

Masvidal appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast earlier today where he made it clear he was sick and tired of hearing Askren’s trash talk ahead of fight night.

“The next one is this idiot,” Masvidal said of Askren. “I won’t even mention him on [Rogan’s] show because I’m not going to make him famous. He’s a fucking idiot, you know. But fight this guy and then go for the title, that’s what they told me.

“He’s that new age — and he’s like a fucking 40 year old science teacher too, I dunno why he acts like he’s new age — he’s like these new dudes who just fucking talk. And talks and talks about everybody. Shut the fuck up. When somebody sees you in person, you’re not that guy.”

According to Masvidal, it’s a symptom of a bigger problem amongst the current fight game, where people use social media to provoke others and gain attention — something Masvidal has never been about.

“I don’t come from the technology world,” Masvidal said. “I’m not just going around disrespecting people, I get taught respect because if not someone’s going to make you respect. But these guys, they go around with these little things and say whatever the fuck they want. Words carry weight, especially if my kids read your stupid comments.”

And if you were thinking Masvidal was just playing the game along with Askren to build their fight as big as it can get, he wants to make it clear that’s not the case.

“If you look at him from a skill set, Ben’s not even worth waking up before 10a.m. in the morning,” Masvidal said. “But I don’t like this dude, man. Before my alarm goes off, I’m already awake. I wanna break his fucking face. I wanna break his fucking ribcage. I don’t want to knock him out early on, I want to torture that guy. If I get the chance to torture him for 14 minutes at 50 seconds, that’s what I’m gonna do, man.

“There’s not too many people I genuinely dislike; he’s one of them. If I was to see him right now, probably wouldn’t be too friendly of a greeting, you know?”