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Add Jorge Masvidal to the list of names currently feeling irritated with the UFC.

Masvidal, who shot to superstardom over 2019 and won the ‘Baddest Motherfucker’ title in November, has taken to his social media to lobby accusations at the UFC today. According to Masvidal, the promotion are attempting to underpay him for a fight with welterweight champion Kamaru Usman — a contest that has seen repeated issues in negotiations.

“If I’m not worth it let me go,” Masvidal wrote on his twitter. “Why make me fight for half of what I made on my last fight cause the other dude can’t draw? Don’t tell me about a pandemic when reports today show highest stock market has ever been. Everybody getting back to work and you buying an island. Stop playing us and the fans.”

It’s far from the first issue the Usman versus Masvidal bout has faced.

Depending on whom you believe, both men have asked for too much money from the promotion, and most recently UFC president Dana White hinted we could see Gilbert Burns step in to fight for the title instead.