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Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou seem very interested in fighting each other. They also seem very interested in getting a bigger payday while doing so.

The two men have been going back and forth on social media, and while UFC president Dana White recently brushed off the talk with some skepticism, earlier today Jones revealed on his social media that discussions had begun regarding his long-awaited move to heavyweight.

“The more I think about it if I’m going to be taking big risks, I might as well go for all the cheese. I want that crown too. Send a deal. The Goodwill in Albuquerque is about to get hooked up with some bomb ass 36 waist jeans,” Jones wrote, before following it up with “Currently in negotiation with
[the] UFC as we speak.”

That positive tone lasted for basically an hour before Jones took to his social media to say the UFC hadn’t been interested in even discussing a potential jump in pay for his move up in weight — something that clearly infuriated the UFC light heavyweight champion.

“Before even discussing numbers, the UFC was unwilling to pay more for the Francis super fight / for me to move to heavyweight. Said I could possibly earn more in pay-per-view buys,” Jones wrote.

“It’s been fun you guys, maybe I’ll see you all in a year or two. Maybe when they’re ready to do better business I’ll come back, until then health fitness and family … I should’ve worded that differently, I actually think these guys do great business. Right now things just aren’t where I want them to be.”