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For better or worse, Colby Covington is garnering more and more attention these days — particularly since he adopted his new brash persona.

After yesterday’s now infamous skirmish with Fabricio Werdum in Sydney, Australia, Covington has his name in the mouth of everyone in mixed martial arts. Covington was involved in an altercation with the former UFC heavyweight champion, who was apparently angered by Covington to the point of throwing a boomerang at him.

But the fun doesn’t stop there.

Covington has also recently targeted former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, an apparent former roommate of Covington. Covington recently went on record as suggesting Jones was difficult to live with, and that he had a consistently ‘fake’ personality throughout their time at Iowa Central Community College.

After Jones publicly congratulated Werdum for attacking Covington, Covington took to Twitter to accuse Jones of using his name to stay relevant, as well as make a jibe about Jones’ recent steroid issues.

Jones didn’t take the jab lying down, going to his own social media to post something of a public letter to Covington, mocking the welterweight’s suggestion.