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Jon Jones isn’t letting Israel Adesanya suffer a defeat in the Octagon and get away with it.

Since Adesanya’s forray up to the light heavyweight division at UFC 259, Jones has made a point to (not for the first time) throw verbal shots at his rival over social media. Especially when Adesanya made a point to say he didn’t feel his chance at a fight with Jones had passed, describing the rivalry as ‘beyond fighting’, Jones flew to his twitter account to pop off at the middleweight champion.

“Ariel Helwani asked him one question about me, Izzy went on to give a seven minute response,” Jones wrote. “I love it when opponents realize they can’t hold my jockstrap and default to the “Jon Jones is fake” defense. The fact that he is actually trying to keep this beef going is hilarious. This dude backed himself into a corner with his mouth and is actually trying to keep the wolf tickets selling. Only a real anime fan could actually see Izzy somehow defeating me at 245 pounds. Dudes claiming to be the best MMA fighter ever, with 1/3 of an MMA game. Arrogance at its finest, I swear it will make you blind.”